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From Ideas to Revenue Streams: Life on the Entrepreneurial Road

By Tara Matamoros Carter, Tangelo COO, Partner

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"Increased revenue"

"Outsized returns"

"Distinctive solutions"

"Forward-thinking implementation"

Blockchain on Kubernets

Breaking into a $2 Trillon Market

See how to introduce disruptive innovations to your organization

Higher Revenue. Lower Operational Costs

Tangelo uses modern technology and processes to provide a fast, transparent, and predictable model for:

Better software. More Conversions.

Software development

Digital marketing

Product design

The role of software is to enhance human and business performance. Developing low-cost, high-performing software is rooted in clearly defining your business goals.

See how we drive growth & lift revenue

Software Development

Custom software development for startups and mid-size companies

Leverage our Silicon Valley software startup experience and put it to work for your company. Our design and engineering team does front-end and back-end development in iOS, Android, microservices, and UI/UX.

We've worked with top tech startups in the world in algorithm design, rapid prototyping,scalable product implementation, testing and maintaining.

Discover how we develop custom solutions to improve the customer experience

How to increase Process Efficiency in Your Startup

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7 Tips on Building a Minimum Viable Product That Produces Maximum Value

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing programs rooted in the principles of high-growth Silicon Valley startups

Empathize with your customers with personalized messaging, efficient automation, and segmentation. Measure and optimize the most revelant KPIs in the order to increase sales, grow brand equity and reduce operational costs.

See how we've leveraged effective digital marketing to lift revenue

From $0 to $80K per month: How A Cosmetics Company Got Content Right

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[Tangelo in Forbes] Why Marketing Automation Matters for your business

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Systems Integration

Modern technology. innovate design and strategic omnichannel integration make the backbone of our SI projects solve your problems and move your ideas further, faster

Implementing systems integration projects is strategic in nature. What differentiates us from the rest is that we look not only at cost-savings and efficiencies, but also seek growth opportunities that can be embedded in your software stack.

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From our Clients

"Tangelo explained from the start that disruption requires more than an incremental tech upgrade. Their unconventional thinking outlined a plan for new market logic using innovative resourcefulness."

- Tangelo Client

Insights at Tangelo

Inspiring insights. Profitable outcomes.

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Digital Transformation: A Detailed Implementation Guide for Mid-size Businesses

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The Future Of Human-Computer Interaction

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