The Tangelo Way: Plan, implement and grow

A novel, disruptive, and agile digital transformation process driven by Building What's Next. Together.

Located in Palo Alto, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley, Tangelo works with midcap companies that have a product in market and are looking for accelerated digital growth channels. Our focus on mid-sized companies is our differentiating factor, as these companies commonly lack assistance options.

Together, we empower mid-sized companies to achieve novel, disruptive and agile digital transformations. How is this success reached? By planning, implementing and growing alongside our highly experienced talent.

Plan, Ideate, & Brand
Plan, Ideate, & Brand
Implement & Iterate
Implement & Iterate
Grow & Invest
Grow & Invest

Our specialized teams, a mix of highly experienced talent in business strategy, product design, digital marketing and deep technology are your strongest assets in accelerating digital transformations. Below is a brief introduction to our depth of skills.


Through market research and our own expertise, we devise strategies aimed at accelerating business growth toward maximum profit.

  • Brand audit & strategy
  • User interface & information architecture
  • Communication segmentation & content strategy
  • Strategy direction
  • Competitive assessment
  • Product market fit
  • Target audience & persona development
  • Deep research & goal identification
  • Customer engagement strategies
  • Mobile commerce strategy
  • SEO

Design & Content

Our approach to design and content development encompasses creative angles to align to your branding while also meeting the needs of your identified audiences.

  • Video production & editing
  • Photography & print design
  • Brand design
  • Interactive digital design & user interface
  • Copywriting & interactive content
  • 3D rendering & 3D animation
  • Wireframes & prototypes
  • Creative direction
  • Digital presentations

Digital Marketing

We leverage holistic research and analysis to market toward your identified target audiences at key points in their customer journey.

  • Data-driven marketing strategy
  • Marketing experiences
  • Audience segmentation & targeting
  • Social: paid and earned, social relationships
  • Customer acquisition, development & retention
  • Tactic marketing
  • Actionable campaign analytics vs goals & dashboard development

Deep Technology

Our in-house digital expertise encompasses a wide range of cutting edge deep technology that enables us to identify issues and solutions that successfully drive your digital transformation.

  • Platform development & integration
  • Vertical integrations
  • AI & IoT
  • Deep technology discovery
  • Big data & data consolidation
  • Anticipatory, intimate, real-time engagement
  • Lead management
  • Targeted & interactive eCommerce
  • Enterprise system selection & implementation
  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile site development
  • Mobile apps
  • Web development & CMS