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  • Tangelo’s launch

    Tangelo starts with the first two partners. One in Silicon Valley and one in Argentina.

  • The ripple effects of mobile are being felt across the technology industry.

  • Apple

    Apple launches App Store.

  • Padnos

    Tangelo delivers a digital transformation for Padnos, a 100-year-old recycling company. Padnos becomes the undisputed digital leader in industrial recycling services.

  • iPhone 3G launches. Yahoo! rejects Microsoft's acquisition offer.

  • Intuit

    Tangelo launches the first corporate mobile website for Intuit and one of the first fully mobile experiences for a corporation.

  • Android goes mainstream. GPS features become the standard in all smartphones. Developers rejoice!

  • Startup House

    Tangelo formalizes the Startup House model and invites over 20 technologist to a 2-week invite-only event in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Startup House is a success. We launch 3 products in those two weeks.

  • Pregnancy Companion

    Tangelo launches one of the first women’s health apps in the App Store. The app is paid and it is downloaded tens of thousands of times in the first week.

  • First-gen iPad launches. Foursquare has a great year, Android continues to grow in popularity.

  • Launching Companies

    Tangelo’s team grows exponentially. Tangelo’s startup program for building products goes live. Dozens of startups inquire. Tangelo grows and selects a few companies to work with.

  • Real-time interest discovery engine

    Tangelo launches a real-time discovery engine to serve B2B customers

  • Real-time interest discovery engine

    Tangelo is tapped by Google to be one of only fours apps presenting at Google I/O

  • Wearables

    Tangelo dives in deep into wearable technology by helping build two wearable platforms. One of them is one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns of the year.

  • Business Intelligence

    Tangelo starts working with the top technology companies in the world advising them in innovation, technology and growth.

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