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Feb. 17, 2019

How Tangelo Plumped Up Revenue by $80K at a Cosmetics Company by Applying a Customer Facing Strategy

By Tara Matamoros Carter


A Content Makeover

Natural. Personal. Connected. Those three converging megatrends define the Future of Beauty, according to Nielsen research and many other industry sources. At first blush, you might think that an online, direct-to-consumer company centered around natural, sustainably-sourced cosmetics would be perfectly poised to ride the waves of consumer sentiment and dominate the market.

In reality, though, it can be tough for a startup to be heard above all the chaos on the web – and then the problem becomes converting attention into revenue. Solutions that stick are not so easy, even when customer demand for what you do is at an all-time high.

That was the situation when Tangelo accepted the task of helping a natural cosmetic company wash away their bad luck with content and apply a fresh foundation of healthier revenues.

Browser Window Shopping

Potential customers were coming to our client’s site, but they were not filling up their carts and checking out. We discovered that the blogs, which should have been boosting conversions and educating readers on on why and how to use the cosmetics, were attracting less than 2% of site traffic.

We concluded that in this case one-channel messaging would not be enough to convince jaded buyers to take a chance on a new face in the natural beauty space.

The Power of Four

One of our central observations about the existing content was that it had to be turned around and face outward, highlighting the benefits of these cosmetics to the site visitor instead of the brand.

Our initial strategy was to create a synergy between the website and social profiles. We created a compelling story with in-depth blogs that tied back to messaging in the brand’s Instagram Stories.

We also tied featured products to blog topics as part of the marketing plan. The featured produce would be highlighted on the homepage with a motivational call to action (CTA). That messaging was reinforced with a blog post on the same topic with a secondary CTA. We sent blog readers to the shopping pages on the site and site visitors to the blogs with links wherever products were listed, including on the main category pages as well as on the product pages themselves. This helped encourage on-the-fence users to convert - providing them with necessary reassurance, explaining the benefits in finer detail, and showing them how to use the product by personalizing it, e.g. suggesting how to select the perfect shade for their skin type.

The third prong of this awareness campaign was a set of motivational emails featuring blog content to personalize the brand and energize the audience.

Lastly, in transforming content, our goal was to make sure visitors understood how much value this brand would bring into their lives. For example, instead of saying that an all natural collagen boost face mask was less costly to produce, we highlighted why natural ingredients excelled at smoothing away wrinkles safely. This turned out to be absolutely crucial to the success of the content strategy.

On the site, we used analytical keyword research, including competitive data and keywords, to optimize the blogs as well as the ad copy for products inventoried all across the site. The titles we used for products were optimized to impel action and answer common questions that seemed to be holding visitors back from making a purchase -- such as uncertainty over which product was right for them and wanting to see a step-by-step guide on application.

The four way amplification would establish trust and keep the brand in the public’s eye-line.

All Aboard the Lip Liner

The standout winner in Tangelo’s campaign was the company’s lipstick-related content. We established a 30-day testing window and measured categories like lipstick, where the revenue was exactly $0 at the start of the test. A month later, our client were able to write down $80,000 in revenues with a lipstick pencil. The conversions followed a massive spike in traffic, thousands of hits, for keywords like “lipstick guide.”

Understanding which keywords target shoppers were searching for was central to the success of this project. We optimized the site content around keywords that were highly actionable and tied to the biggest hesitation-related questions visitors had. Instead of just “Lipstick” as a category, we optimized around "lipstick guide" so buyers could answer which lipstick they needed based on a host of variables. The same logic applied to cosmetics, such as "blush for your skin color" keyword optimization and blogs on "how to apply X.”

One of the essentials of an intelligent SEO strategy is not to fight battles you can’t win. You build on your strengths, just as the right look for you is one that accentuates your best features. We did not go after heavily saturated keywords that everyone else was fighting over. We researched the market to determine which terms had relatively low bidding and relatively high interest. By doing this, we made feel visitors feel more comfortable and confident in their purchases by hitting home on the exact points that were "holding them back" from trying something new.

We validated our methodology by measuring traffic after the test ended as well, and the client did indeed notice that traffic fell, indicating that the revenues were correlated to the campaign. They could clearly see the business case for maintaining commitment to fresh and engaging content around visitor-specific keywords.


A next generation cosmetics company, with a direct-to-consumer, online business model and an unbeatable brand message of healthy, natural, eco-friendly sourcing, was in need of better conversion rates. Site visitors loved them but that wasn’t translating to sales. Tangelo implemented a 4 stage content refresh showing customers what to buy and how to use it, using social and featured items to help prospective buyers commit and hit “Check Out Now!” Revenue for a featured lipstick pencil went from $0 to $80K over the 30-day content refresh trial period.

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