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May 11, 2020

"Reading the Room" During These Trying Times to Maximize Your Profit

By Ethan Altamirano

The pandemic has changed the world as we know it, with social distancing and quarantine. The coronavirus has also changed the world of business. All of a sudden, companies like Zoom are turning enormous profits. There is a considerable need for items like soap, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. Small businesses like Tangelo are struggling to survive this global crisis. This post is a guide for your business to come out larger during this global pandemic.

Read the room

Read the Room

For your business to survive this crisis, you need to "read the room"; what branch of your company can turn the most profit? Can your company develop tools that could be helpful? For instance, Tangelo "read the room" Tangelo focused on ventures that could turn the most profit and also help the world. Tangelo applied for all of the government grants, which I advise all of the owners of small businesses to do. At the same time, Tangelo revived Interesante, an online media platform. Interesante would help Tangelo make a profit, and it would also help people by creating a platform that could be used to help spread honest info about what is happening around the world with the pandemic. You can find it at Tangelo also built a Covid-19 Tracker that allows people around the world to know the real data about Covid-19 for no expense to the user. This data is updated every 20 minutes. You can find it at Tangelo has already done something to help the world with the WalkWoke app to help with the resistance movement. Back to the topic, that was an example of how Tangelo Read the Room and was able to help the world as well.

 How to Read the Room 

 To Read the Room, you need to notice what your business's focus. You take that and ask, "Will what my company is working on help people? Will it turn a sizable profit for my business?" Focus on the ventures that the answer is yes to both questions, so you can maximize your company's well being during these times. When you find your focus, you need to really focus on it so that you can maximize your profit. By really focusing on it, I mean having all of your, for example, programmers working on the tool or service that is your company's focus.


I sincerely hope this guide helps your business survive Covid-19. Reading the Room can help your business survive in times of crisis; Tangelo uses the Read the Room strategy all of the time, including during this pandemic. I believe that the Read the Room strategy can help your company during the coronavirus. I hope you use my approach during these trying times. 

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