Personal emergency communication network.

Onecord is an app that establishes a dedicated, private network between caretakers and dependents in order to keep track of their loved ones safety by providing location information, basic acknowledgment communications and vital alerts triggers to quick connect members in case of an emergency.


The intended audience of Onecord are families with teenagers, elders or group of close friends that want to keep track between them.

Onecord was first thought to interact with a custom made wristband as wearable device. The prototype was built and we successfully did tests to interact with it. Right now we are looking at the band as an add-on hardware device after our software app launch. Taking this into consideration we decided to re-think the product roadmap without the use of the hardware device in the near future. There is always the chance to integrate with devices such as the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear.

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What we did


  • Approached this new service purely from a user experience point of view. We looked at use patterns and behaviors related to audio consumption to come up with a solution that puts the user at the center of the experience.
  • Launched mobile native apps for iPhone and Android devices.
  • Defined product experience.
  • Created custom technology to transfer audio and share it across multiple platforms. We developed an audio editor, audio filters, and a player.
  • Utilized Bluetooth 4.0 for transferences.
  • Launched beta users program.


  • Native iOS App and Android built with most of the high quality standards.
  • Implemented protocol to transfer audio files and firmware with over-the-air updates.
  • MongoDB NoSQL database to support high demand data availability.
  • Scalable on-demand backend architecture to support the exponential growth of users and page views.
  • Paired w/ wearable device via Bluetooth.
  • Developed web app and custom web player in HTML5 + CSS3 + AngularJS.
  • Integrated with the following APIs: Facebook, Twitter, G+, Evernote.

We refocused our efforts and did a complete audit of the platform in order to find a better product-market fit. We decided to launch the mobile app first.

OneCord - Tangelo monile app

In the near future, we are interested in extending Onecord functionality to wearable devices that could fit into our core value. By building apps for Apple Watch or Android Wear we can empower users to take advantage of Onecord main features through their wearable devices. Onecord for wearables will allow to trigger the most important actions such as: Panic Alerts, Ping Requests and Checkins by a tip of their fingers without taking out their mobile phones.


  • Conceptualized high level cloud architecture for maximum reliability utilizing cellular, SMS, email, and voice.
  • Created interactive iOS app mockups to demonstrate complex functionality in a simple way.
  • Successfully provided product definition and development.
  • Designed landing page and survey to gather early user feedback.

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