Venture Studio Collaboration

Tangelo's Venture Studio focuses on collaboration. We partner with successful small-mid sized companies and occasionally startups that are dedicated, differentiated & have growth potential

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Key Candidate Considerations

Below is a short description of criteria we look for in venture collaborations.

  • Fundamentals
  • Small-Mid Sized Companies
    • Small-Mid Sized Companies
    • 10 - 1000 Employees
    • $10M-$500M Annual revenue
  • Startups
    • Strong business case that supports the idea
    • Funding, either committed or executed
    • Two Co-Founders, although we also consider teams of 1 or 3+, depending on the merit of the idea
  • Management
    • Dedicated and passionate
    • Highly creative
  • Market Opportunity
    • Differentiated ideas that solve real problems
    • Deep market research, including a competitor assessment and target audience identification
    • A solution to an issue using a strong and unique value proposition
  • Growth
    • Identified a general strategy on how to obtain customers using various marketing tactics
    • Understand the amount of capital required to scale via different growth scenarios

What’s Next?

If your company aligns to our criteria, we would love to hear from you.

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